Main Place Youth is one of the very few, if not the only Teen Challenge residential home to utilize the local public schools to educate our girls. Main Place Youth is located near the Kingman High School and Kingman Middle School campuses.

Our girls receive an excellent education in our public schools. MPY staff members enjoy a close association with Kingman High School administration and faculty. Both Main Place and Kingman High School work together to provide the very best education, both in regard to academic and character development, for our girls.

Many of our girls come to Main Place Youth struggling with academics. Responsibility for academic achievement is emphasized at Main Place. Our girls are tutored during the school year in our classroom. With the excellent schools, along with the regular tutoring offered Main Place Youth, the vast majority of our girls end up on the honor roll.

MPY staff and administration encourage our girls to fully participate in both academic and extracurricular activities. We have had girls participate in choir, band and sports. All the MPY girls are in attendance to support another MPY girl in her extracurricular activities.

Even after having completed their program at MPY, some of our girls have elected to stay at Main Place Youth to complete their high school education. This is especially appealing to some girls as the students attending KHS can qualify to concurrently earn college hours by enrolling in the Pratt County Community College program even while they are attending Kingman High School.

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Our daughter received an education at Kingman High School superior to what she would have received had she stayed at her high school at home [in a large Texas metropolitan school district]. The education she received was rigorous including the highest math and physics offered. She was also able to earn college credit while attending KHS. She also enjoyed a great number of opportunities in choral music performance. Kingman High School is one of the very best schools our family has ever been associated with.

Parent of MPY girl