Main Place Youth, Inc. is a faith-based organization providing a “home-away-from-home” ministering to teenage girl’s ages 12 to 18, with addictive and destructive lifestyles. We are a not-for-profit adolescent, residential center, affiliated with Teen Challenge USA. We have the capacity to provide a supportive and healing home for up to 14 girls.

Main Place Youth, Inc. is also a state licensed facility with yearly inspections. We believe in accountability to the laws and guidelines we are subject to and we have a spotless record these past 30 years. Our families deserve to know that the care their child is receiving is top notch.


Main Place Youth, Inc. uses the nationally recognized Teaching Family Model. Through the implementation of this program, our girls learn many life-long skills. These skills are taught through role-playing, a structured levels system, and also by the examples of our staff.


Teaching is ongoing, Teaching Parents provide the young ladies with skill building role plays, reinforced with positive points and praise. The young ladies earn positive points for appropriate behavior and negative points for inappropriate behavior. They are provided with teaching interactions when an inappropriate behavior occurs and are instructed to role-play the appropriate behavior earning them positive points.

When certain skills are learned the young lady will graduate to the next level in our four level system. With each higher level, more responsibilities and freedoms are earned. The young lady eventually reaches the top level known as Generosity, and at this level they will no longer earn positive or negative points as reinforcers, but earn natural consequences. The goal for our girls when they leave Main Place Youth is for them to be able to return to their homes or enter into independent living.