The goal for most of our girls is a return to their homes and families after some time at Main Place Youth, Inc.  We have found that it is often necessary to work with both the young lady and her family to create change and growth that will make the return home successful.  Main Place Youth insists on a selective admission policy to maintain the positive environment we believe is necessary for this personal growth and change, not only for each individual girl, but also for her peers who are walking through this experience by her side.

To that end, our admissions criteria does not permit young women who are medically unstable, have a history  of being physically violent, who are pregnant, or whose parents are unwilling to fully participate in the program.  If you have a question about whether any child you know might or might not be appropriate for admission, please contact Bryan Parker, our executive director, right away to discuss options for that child.

We also limit the size of our program to provide the best possible experience and outcome for each girl in the program.  Often troubled teens with negative behavior are unable to correct that behavior when entering residential programs that have high enrollments. We are licensed for 15 young ladies and average 10-12 residents at any given time. This allows for individualized and focused treatment of a variety of problems for struggling teen girls 12-18 years old.

Our admissions criteria does not permit: Medically Unstable, Physically Violent Histories, Pregnancy, or Parents who are unwilling to fully participate.


Regarding Immediate Placement

It is our honor to serve you, minister to you, and to be a living example of God’s love to you.  We want to start serving you by taking you through the enrollment process one step at a time.

Many parents contacting Main Place Youth represent families in acute crisis and in desperate need of immediate placement for their daughter’s safety and well-being.

Since each family represents unique circumstances and conditions, immediate placement is conditional upon the circumstances of the family and the child, as well as our home’s capacity at the time of the request.

It is extremely important that parents seeking their daughter’s immediate placement contact Bryan Parker, Executive Director as soon as possible. Please begin filling out the Main Place Youth Application as soon as possible and email or fax 620-532-3221 the completed form to Main Place Youth.


Admission Process


If more information is desired before applying, please feel free to call 620-532-2681, email, or fax 620-532-3221 with a request for information about Main Place Youth. Additionally, here is a one page overview of our ministry that many families find helpful. Main Place Youth Overview

Step 1. The Application

You may fill out the Main Place Youth Application on our web site or, after speaking to staff, an application form can be e-mailed to you.  Fill out the entire application and then fax or e-mail it back to us. Our goal will be to assess the application and get in touch with you within 24-hours of the submission of your application. You will receive a phone call from Bryan Parker, Executive Director, or Valerie Knepper, Program Director.

Step 2. The Phone Interview

This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about Main Place Youth so that a well informed decision can be made. At the same time, our staff will be asking in-depth questions of the family in order to have a better feel of what is going on within the family as a whole. It is our desire to make sure that you are taken care of first, to minister to you and to spend the time necessary in order for you to feel our hearts so that you are comfortable and at peace, knowing you have found the right place for your young lady. Without your trust and commitment we cannot be successful with your child. We will answer your questions to the best of our ability. Remember, this is the “Step” during which we begin building a team, based on trust, to support change in your young lady.  We begin to truly learn about each other and the commitment we have to the young lady.

Common Length of Stay

Common length of stay for our residents runs approximately 12-15-months. We have no predetermined notions about how long any given student will be with us. Like so many things at Main Place Youth, length of stay is individualized to meet the needs of each child.

Pre-Admission Interview

We will conduct a pre-admission interview over the phone which includes:

A history of the student’s chemical use/abuse and a history of signs or symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, self-harm, runaways, school problems, food issues/eating disorders and other behavioral problems. The information gathered identifies the immediate needs of the student, as well as the student’s history and characteristics.

Trying to make decision about enrolling your daughter or family member in residential treatment can be difficult and overwhelming. We would like to try and simplify the process for you. The interview is conducted to make certain that Main Place Youth can effectively address your daughter’s needs. Once we have received your information it usually takes no longer than 24 hours for an admissions decision. Talking to us and visiting will go a long way in helping you determine if this is the right place for your daughter. Making a decision about who will care for your daughter for 15+/- months is difficult enough. We want you to see first-hand who we are and what we do. Most importantly we want you to meet the girls here at Main Place Youth.

Main Place Youth is not a lockdown facility. We believe the strongest deterrent is a program that makes your daughter feel positive and safe about herself and her opportunities in the world.