Few things are as painful as helplessly watching your daughter’s potential slip away through self-destructive behavior.  Main Place Youth can help.  We work directly with young women, their parents, and even siblings and extended family members to interrupt patterns and behaviors that destroy futures and families.  Our mission, and indeed, our passion, is to change lives and restore families, so that all members can grow and prosper as part of a loving and supportive unit.

Main Place Youth, Inc, is a Christian “home-away-from-home” for teenage girls ages 12-18 struggling with destructive lifestyles. We are a not-for-profit adolescent, residential center, affiliated with Teen Challenge USA.  We are also licensed by the state and have regular state inspections to assure high quality services and facilities. We have the capacity to provide a supportive and healing home for up to 15 girls in our caring, family-like setting, where we effect change through daily spiritual guidance, education, appropriate role modeling, and a structured teaching program that develops positive and productive values and behaviors. Opportunities for application of newly acquired skills are immediate and we reinforce learning constantly as a part of our daily living at Main Place Youth, Inc.

Sharing Christ’s teaching is at the center of our work at Main Place Youth, Inc.  We believe that understanding God’s profound love for each of us is at the core of healing, letting the young women here understand that they are valued by God and, because of His love and acceptance, are called to share God’s love with others.  Here at Main Place Youth, Christian counseling is ongoing – all day, every day – with numerous opportunities for learning and growth.  We use spiritual and biblical principles to help our youth to develop problem solving skills that will last a lifetime and values that will enhance all of their relationships.

This deep, spiritual and emotional healing is the foundation for restoration.  We see amazing transformation in our young women and in their families and, typically, the girls are able to return to their homes or to independent living within their communities as changed people.  . May God richly bless you and guide you in your journey to finding hope.  Please contact us if we can be a part of the journey to healing and restoration for your family.



At Main Place Youth we provide:

  • Guidance, support, and training for girls in a family structured home setting
  • Family Coaching
  • Individualized Christian counseling for the girls and support for their parents, to enable the girls to return home or move into independent living
  • Excellent educational opportunities through the Kingman public schools supplemented by tutoring
  • A caring atmosphere with live-in teaching parents
  • Christian education and an active, daily spiritual life
  • Research-based, strengths focused approaches that bring positive growth and change

The following services are also available, if needed:

  • Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment