Family Coaching

The mission of Main Place Youth is to “rebuild families and restore lives.”  Our young ladies come to us because they are struggling with addiction or other destructive behaviors that their parents or caregivers have found it challenging to deal with. In many cases, trust and respect between the young ladies and their parents or caregivers have been damaged. The girls’ time at Main Place Youth can provide a break from the stress plaguing the parent-child relationship and can create the space necessary to address the root causes of unhealthy behaviors and heal fractured relationships. For most of our young ladies, the goal of this process is successful reintegration into a healthier home environment with their families.

Success depends on the family’s commitment to the goal of “family rebuilding.”  Before a family places a young lady with Main Place Youth, they commit to work with their child and the Main Place Youth team to strengthen healthy communication skills, healthy boundaries, and healthy family patterns to support their child’s recovery. This includes a significant investment of time and energy to take part in family coaching sessions, family counseling, and family education. Without this family commitment, a young lady’s prospect of success is slim.